Insight 22 Sept 2021

Jyotish Qimen

22 Sept 2021, We entering Establish Officer along with Carriage Constellation. Basically, today’s energy matches with new beginning activities, including commencing new projects, medical treatment like surgery, start to your diet program, and also for marriage or engagement.
You can tweak the days by sitting on the certain sector for your life change, look for the Qimen Formation, maybe you want to get the ability to learn a new subject, you can sit at North West Sector and start to study.
Still, on the full moon phase, the moon enters the Aries constellation with lively, demanding, brave and impetuous energy, you may react spontaneously during the day. During this period we may be impatient, intolerant of criticism and easily take part in such arguments.
So be careful not to waste your energy and emotion on such small things, prepare for the big one, leave for the small one.
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