DNA, Quantum Healing, Color Code & Chakras


Chakras are energy vortexes that exist within each of us. These energy vortexes transport energy from the universe around you into your aura and body, as well as between the physical body and the layers of your aura. You can think of your chakra system as similar to a spiritual bloodstream. Blood carries oxygen, nutrients, and hormones throughout the body; helps regulate and balance the body, and protects the body by removing waste products and clotting when the body is harmed. While DNA as an original pattern from your generation also consist in your blood

Much in the same way your bloodstream connects and supports your many other physical bodily systems, your chakra system connects and supports your physical self and your energy self.

All living things—humans, animals, plants, trees, even the Earth—have a chakra system, a living system of energy vortexes, that exists within them. There are seven major chakras in the body, as well as several minor ones. Each one is associated with specific organs and glands, physical functions and dysfunctions, and emotional, mental, and spiritual issues. 

Quantum Healing, DNA re-encode, and color code all talking about energy, universal source call prana. We believed while problems in our life caused by an imbalance of the chakras that are affected physically nor mentally.

When we get in touch with the energy within our chakras, we connect with ourselves more fully and learn how to heal ourselves on all levels, creating true holistic healing. This is why mindfulness-based practices, such as meditation, quantum healing, color codes, mandalas can help connect the mind with body and spirit, why certain physical activities can help clear your head and feel more centered, and why cultivating your spirit heals your mind and body. 

It is all connected.